Sequence of a Horse in Motion

VR Installation

“Sequence of a Horse in Motion” is the documentation of a dream by Katharina Haverich. A man hangs upside down and is circled by a horse: the VR experience is an invitation into this sequence.


Performance artist Katharina Haverich works on the reproduction of dream sequences. She creates this demanding piece as a live show and sought an uncompromising way of documenting both live show and original dream sequence.


The resulting proposition is twofold: to enter the dream sequence on which the live work is based as well sharing the experience of the performer in the live piece. Challenging the ephemeral nature of both live art and dreams, this VR experience experiments with forms of their reactivation. The VR spectator recreates the performance by performing it herself: upside down. 

What we did

  • Production Consultancy

In collaboration with

  • Katharina Haverich