Selektor frames live events where people exchange visions of the present and the future. With unique narratives of experimentation, practice and debate, we lead audiences to the core issues of the digital society.



We are inspired by artistic production, scientific experimentation and tech tinkering. Although keen on the digital world, we know that lasting connections between people are mainly built through face-to-face shared experiences. That’s why live events become increasingly important for any venture, business and creative maker.



Selektor was born out of the ambition to put engaging and thought-provoking content at the heart of every event. Ideas at the intersection of art, science and technology are our expertise. From our multidisciplinary network, we form cross-functional teams and work within a broad spectrum of topics, be it niche or mainstream.



Selektor is the brainchild of Alexandra Wolf and Fernanda Parente, two creative minds passionate about innovation. While collaborating on several projects, they quickly noticed their similar line of thinking and approach to content development. Besides, they share a love for outer space, speculative technologies and pop-culture.